Get the most out of your game, right from the first tee.

Scientifically-proven and globally-recognized, Katherine Roberts’ Yoga For Golfers® is a distinctly unique and proprietary yoga methodology that fuses Western biomechanical science with Eastern mind/body conditioning, applying it to every dimension of the golf swing, to drive immediate improvements in performance, right from the first tee. Yoga For Golfers® delivers results for golf enthusiasts and golf professionals of every age at every level of ability – with no previous yoga experience needed.

Yoga For Golfers’ (YFG) Proprietary Methodology

At the most basic level, golf and yoga are the same - the intentional and dynamic movement of the body in three planes of motion – the frontal plane (side to side), the sagittal plane (flexion & extension front to back), and the transverse plane (rotation). YFG’s proprietary methodology instructs and trains golfers on the biomechanics of the body specifically as it relates to each plane of motion through each stage of the golf swing - from the address to the finish position, from the 1st tee to the 18th green.

YFG focuses on:
  • Quieting the mind and proper breathing techniques to achieve focus and relaxation.
  • Achieving body symmetry, balance, and alignment through the swing to increase power.
  • Enhancing flexibility and core development to improve mobility, strength, power and endurance.
For all golfers, at all levels of ability, YFG elevates your game to go the extra distance.
  • YFG improves performance beyond golf lessons/instruction.
    • Golf pros focus on biomechanics of the swing.
    • YFG focuses on biomechanics of the body through the swing.
  • YFG enables golfers to play their best game, right from the first tee.
  • YFG extends the body’s ability to play, minimizing discomforts and risk of injury.
  • YFG improves the body’s mobility, allowing golfers to play better, longer, with more confidence and increased enjoyment.