$ 250 - $ 800 USD

"I have been fortunate to have Katherine assist me with a handful of golf schools. She has a great way of figuring out the limits of an individual's strength or flexibility and giving them a routine that will help them improve the motion of their swing."

Eden Foster | PGA Professional | Golf Magazine's Top 100 Instructor

Katherine Roberts' Live Remote Coaching

See and feel the difference in your game!
Train directly with Katherine one-on-one with a Yoga For Golfers® fitness program developed specifically for you, based on your abilities and goals.

Private, one-on-one coaching directly with Katherine.

  • Every golfer has their own goals, needs, and interests.
  • Every golfer has their own strengths and challenges.
  • Every golfer experiences the game differently, both mentally and physically.
To be most effective, your golf fitness program should reflect your abilities and your goals with a fully-customized fitness training program designed to deliver results for you.

Dates and times agreed upon by you and Katherine.

Through working directly with Katherine, your personalized YFG program will:

  • Improve your body symmetry, balance, and alignment through the swing to increase your power.
  • Enhance your flexibility and core development to improve your mobility, strength, power and endurance.
  • Quiet your mind with new breathing techniques to achieve inward focus and relaxation.

Prior to starting, Katherine will review a combination of materials to establish a baseline for your personal YFG fitness program.

  • Golfer's Evaluation - After purchase, you will receive an email from Katherine that will include a self-evaluation.
  • Video - You will also receive a link to upload video of your golf swing. For a comprehensive evaluation, it is recommended you video your swing using a putter, a 7-iron and a driver - face-on and down the line - which will provide a better understanding of your body motion with different clubs.
  • Swing Coach - If you are working with a golf instructor, their input will be reviewed as well.

From these inputs, Katherine will develop a personalized Golf Fitness Assessment of your mental and physical game, including an evaluation of the biomechanics of your body through all phases of your golf swing, from your driver through your putting stroke.

Katherine will work with you to prioritize your individual goals and develop the most effective YFG Fitness Program tailored to your individual needs, goals, time commitments and schedule.

Through live, online video sessions, Katherine will coach you through your YFG Fitness Training Program, including expert analysis and adjustments to ensure your YFG fitness training is achieving the desired results.


  • All levels of flexibility and golf abilities are welcome.
  • No previous yoga experience is needed.

Tour players have a team behind them - Let Katherine be a part of your team!

Designed to establish a solid foundation for your long-term YFG fitness regimen, all sessions are one-on-one directly with Katherine. The first session is 75 minutes; each subsequent session is 60 minutes. Sessions dates and times are determined between you and Katherine.

$250.00 USD 2-Session Live Remote Coaching Program


$450.00 USD 4-Session Live Remote Coaching Program
(Save 10%)


$640.00 USD 6-Session Live Remote Coaching Program
(Save 15%)


$800.00 USD 8-Session Live Remote Coaching Program
(Save 20%)


Email Katherine@YogaForGolfers.com