If you are one of the 26 million golfers in the United States today, you have no doubt experienced at least one of the following -

Just When You Think... Katherine Roberts’ Yoga For Golfers®...
I have all the best equipment. I’ve taken all the lessons. Elevates your game to the next level.
I’ve got power & control - just not all the time. Improves consistency and helps you get the most out of your game. Every swing, every hole.
My golf game is in high gear around the 4th hole. Gets you ready to play and enjoy the game more, right from the first tee.
I’m losing distance. I can’t turn the way I used to. Gets your game back on track … and better.
My body feels the wear & tear of the game. Gets you feeling and performing better through all 18 holes, round after round.
Man or woman, golf enthusiast or professional golfer, any and all ages...
Wherever you are in your game, Yoga For Golfers® takes you the extra distance.
Respect Tradition. Embrace Innovation.
Transform Your Game.
(no yoga experience is necessary)